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Floatmount-Mounting and Laminating



Welcome to Artists Emporium's FloatMount Studio


We offer a range of exquisite mounting options to showcase your artwork and photos in a truly unique way. Our PlaqueMount, FloatMount, FlushMount, Masomount on Plaque and Acrylic Maso FloatMount selections provide the perfect solution to elevate your precious pieces. 

Plaque mounting offers a sophisticated display solution for items like photographs, artworks, maps, certificates, coasters, posters, documents, signage, awards, and menus. By securely adhering these items to robust boards, it guarantees durability and a polished finish.


Get 25% OFF on your first order with unlimited quantities! Perfect for photographers and print shops showcasing photos or reselling finished plaque artwork, cabin or cottage owners displaying maps, restaurants and hotels presenting menus, as well as organizations, schools, and institutions featuring certificates.


What is Plaque Mounting?


Plaque mounting, also known as a block or "plak" mounting, is a popular method of displaying artwork, photos, and prints. In this process, your artwork is laminated with a matte, UV-protective laminate film. It is then mounted on a sturdy, high-density wood fibre plaque and finished with a coloured bevelled edge, which can be customized with various colours. Hanging the artwork for display is made easy with a keyhole cut into the back of the plaque ensuring your artwork hangs flush against the wall.



Why Choose Plaque Mounting?


  • Affordable: Cost-effective compared to traditional framing, with added benefits like ease of cleaning and glare-free viewing.
  • Glass-Free: Perfect for high-traffic areas and children's rooms, eliminating the risk of shattering glass.
  • Durable & Frameless: Plaque mounting secures your art on sturdy wood fibre plaques, eliminating the need for frames.
  • Modern & Customizable: Choose from a variety of edge colours for a contemporary and personalized look.
  • Easy for Moving: Our lightweight wooden backing makes it convenient for moving, allowing you to display your art with ease wherever you choose.
  • Permanence and Preservation: The UV-protective laminate ensures your art not only lasts for generations but also remains protected against moisture, UV light, smudges, and scratches, preserving its beauty for years to come.


Which Plaque Style Suits You Best?



  • PlaqueMount: This classic option provides a clean, borderless look that presents your art seamlessly. It's perfect for showcasing photographs or artwork with vibrant colours and sharp details.
  • FloatMount: For a contemporary feel, FloatMount creates a 3D effect, making your artwork appear to "float" within the frame. Ideal for adding depth to your art.
  • FlushMount: A sleek and elegant choice that offers a seamless edge-to-edge display, making it perfect for minimalist art or pieces with subtle textures.
  • Masomount on Plaque: Combining the borderless look of PlaqueMount with the contemporary feel of FloatMount, it offers a unique blend that highlights the contours and dimensions of your art.
  • Acrylic Maso FloatMount: A captivating depth and high-gloss effect that transforms your photo while offering UV stabilization for long-lasting protection. Perfectly suited for modern interiors, our Acrylic masterpiece is easily displayed on your wall with the Float Mount fixture, creating a stunning, contemporary look.


Steps to Elevate Your Artwork with Our Plaque Mounting:


  1. Consultation: Discuss your artwork/photo with our experts to choose the right mounting technique.
  2. Customization: Select materials, edge colours, and finishes to personalize your mount.
  3. Mounting: Skilled technicians meticulously mount your artwork for a secure and striking result.
  4. Quality Check: Rigorous inspection ensures high standards are met.
  5. Ready for Pickup: Your masterpiece is carefully packaged and available for in-store pickup at the Framing Counter during our operating hours from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM - 5 PM.


Meet Wanda, our PlaqueMount expert


Contact our Floatmount division to consult with Wanda and discover the perfect method to display your art via or call 204-772-2421 (Ext: 109).



Sauvage Wild Photography Exhibition (Float mount)

Jean-Pierre Parenty - Wildlife photographer - @jpparenty


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At Artists Emporium, we understand that your artwork is a reflection of your passion and creativity, and we believe that every moment in life is precious. Our FloatMount Studio is dedicated to enhancing your art's presentation while preserving its essence. Choose from our selection of mounting solutions and let us transform your artwork and photos into a masterpiece!