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Photo Contest


Photo Contest


Print it, Plaque it, Frame it, Float it!



New Announcements


  • We're thrilled to announce that Round 2 will kick off on March 20, 2024! Keep those amazing photos coming to join in the fun!


  • Exciting News! Due to the incredible response to our Photo Contest, we've decided to pick not just one, but THREE winners (3 different participants) with the highest votes to receive a beautiful plaque or float mount of their photos for Round 1. Only the first-place winning photo gets the spotlight displayed in our store for 3 weeks, captivating everyone. Voting closes on Mar 20 and winners will be announced on Mar 21 on our website and social media. 



How to join:


Join the "Photo Contest: Print it, Plaque it, Frame it, Float it!" to spotlight your photographic flair. Whether you're a master of composition or just discovering the magic of photography, this contest invites you to share your favourite snapshots with the world.


  • Submission: Send the favourite photos you took, along with your name and contact information (phone number and email), to our Floatmount studio at (maximum 5 photos/participant). AE doesn't want AI-created photos because we believe in the genuine touch of human creativity! 

    Note: Please kindly attach your photos instead of placing them in the email body. This ensures the original high-resolution quality necessary for printing in case of a win. Thank you!

  • Online Showcase and Public Voting: Your entries will be curated and proudly displayed on our various social media platforms for a thrilling round of public voting.
  • Protection: We understand the value of your creative work. To safeguard your photography's copyright, we'll apply a subtle watermark when uploading the images online. So, rest assured, your visual masterpiece remains uniquely yours.
  • Prize: The winner will receive a plaque or float mount of their photo up to 36UI, IE: 16x20, 12x24,18x18, etc.


Seize this chance to spotlight your visual storytelling skills, sharing the beauty and uniqueness of your perspective. Submit your entries today and let the world witness the magic through your lens!


Note: The usage rights and responsibilities belong to the photo owners. When submitting photos of people, please be mindful, as they will be exposed to the public. We are not responsible for any legal claims or issues arising from submitted photos.


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How to vote


Vote for your favourites and invite your family, friends and followers to vote. You can vote for as many photos as you like but only once per photo. You can also return the voting page, edit your votes or vote for new photos as long as the voting remains open.


Don't forget, we're still accepting new photos. Let's discover which one steals the show!  


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