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Photo Contest - Round 5


Photo Contest - Round 5


Oh, Canada: A Celebration in Pixels


Print it, Plaque it, Frame it, Float it!




Calling all photographers!


Canada Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the beauty of our beloved country than through the lens of your camera?


We're excited to announce the launch of "Oh, Canada: A Celebration in Pixels" – a photo contest dedicated to showcasing the breathtaking landscapes, iconic landmarks, and diverse cultures that make Canada so special.



How to join:


  • Submission: Send the favourite photos you took, along with your name and contact information (phone number and email) and a short description/name of the locations or festivals... in the photos to our Floatmount studio at (maximum 3 photos/participant). Please kindly send us the high-resolution photo for printing in case of a win. AE doesn't want AI-created photos because we believe in the genuine touch of human creativity!


  • Online Showcase and Public Voting: Your entries will be curated and proudly displayed on our various social media platforms for a thrilling round of public voting. With your descriptions, we'll learn more about the stunning and diverse places in your photos, celebrating the beauty of our nation.


  • Protection: We understand the value of your creative work. To safeguard your photography's copyright, we'll apply a subtle watermark when uploading the images online. So, rest assured, your visual masterpiece remains uniquely yours.


  • Prize: The winner will receive a plaque or float mount of the winning photo up to 36UI, IE: 16x20, 12x24,18x18, etc or a set of 4 mugs with the winning photo printed on both sides (Retail value up to $100.00).


Capture the essence of Canada and share it with the world. Submit your entries today and let your visual storytelling skills shine!




This contest is not endorsed or sponsored by any government entity. It is organized independently by Artists Emporium to celebrate Canada Day and showcase the beauty of Canada through photography.


The usage rights and responsibilities belong to the photo owners. When submitting photos of people, please be mindful, as they will be exposed to the public. We are not responsible for any legal claims or issues from submitted photos.



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How to vote


Vote for your favourites and rally your family, friends, and followers to join in too! Feel free to support as many photos as you wish, but remember, you can only vote once per photo.

And don't worry if you change your mind or want to discover new favourites later on—you can always revisit the voting page to edit your responses or add fresh votes. Simply click "Edit your response" to edit your choices or "See previous responses" to check the current voting results.

Click the button below to vote or view all photos and vote at the end!




Photo Submissions & Their Stories


1 & 2: These two photos were captured in Santiago, Chile a few years ago when I was visiting my son and his family there. His kids have dual citizenship, and he makes sure they are proud of their Canadian heritage. On Canada Day his entire Chilean family comes to celebrate that side of their family. I love the one of little Joaquín - it looks like Bonhomme de Neige is peeking over his shoulder!

3. The Alloway Arch and Esplanade Riel

The Alloway Arch at The Forks was constructed from the facade of the original Alloway and Champion Bank. It honours William Forbes Alloway, who established The Winnipeg Foundation in 1921. The Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge, named in honour of Louis Riel, connects The Forks to Winnipeg’s French Quarter.

4. Walking on a beautiful autumn day in a local park, found an almost perfect maple leaf, so arranged the picture accordingly.

5. Beautiful sunset at Shoal Lake during a recent camping trip.

6. Kildonan Park on a sunny day

 7. A child running on the sand at the Spirit Sands park near Carberry, MB. I love the free spirit shown here.

8. A group of pelicans gathered together by the river near Saskatoon, SK.

9. A bird’s eye view of the Rocky Mountains. We were lucky enough to be given a gift of a helicopter ride near Canmore, AB. It was amazing!

10. Canoeing at Betula Lake.   |    11. Enjoying cold winter weather at Harbourview Park.

12. The colours for the sunset after the storm in the city. (Front of Seafood City at Garden City)

13 & 14.  Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

15. Pinawa, Manitoba